Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dentist-- love /hate relationship.

A little background on my crazy mouth.

I suffer rom receeding gums and tooth sensitivity. Of times my own breath is enough to cause pain.

So since about four years now i have put thousands of dollars into fixing up my mouth,. but by the time one thing is finished another arises. this morning i went again for a 1/2 cleaning and 2 fillings. these teeth were filled just 2 years ago. i say a 1/2 cleaning because i have to be frozen to do a cleaning. so i can only do a half of my mouth per appointment. I need fillings extended to where the gum line receeds so that the root does not become exposed. which was what had happened

Anyway i love my dentist. i feel no pain or discomfort (except in my wallet) haha I am glad that i found him. Dentistry no longer needs to hurt, not like when we were kids. now it is virtually painfree.
so go!

I told my dentist today if i go in for a visit and i do not have a cavity in the future i want my picture on the wall.! he agreed! lol


Gill - That British Woman said...

I have the same relationship with mine also. He always complains to me when I have a good check up that I should eat more English Toffee's!!!!


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