Tuesday, October 07, 2008

FPC's and giveaways

AS they should be arriving, if not already received they will be shortly, please post that they are received. so i can cross it off my list.

Marlaene, I need you to contact me about your win. Thanks


Anastasia said...

I received your FPC

Thank you

headly said...


Kim said...

I got both envies yesterday the fpc (can always use a can of soup, LOL) and the Zellers coupon. And thank you so much for all the extras you added - the boys love the stickers (we're big into the sticker chart for potty training right now) and we used the McD's sundae ones this afternoon. :)

headly said...

yw kim!

glad they liked the stickers

I was pretty certain they would like the free mcdonalds sundaes! They are kids so it was a pretty safe bet lol I hope you can find a use for the other ones. if not pass them on..
take care

NKM said...

I received my FPC late this past week! Thanks so much, it will definately be put to good use! Keep up the great blogging!!

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