Thursday, October 23, 2008

Really starting to get excited about going to work!

i have not heard yet about going into sign hr documents or about firming up the training but it is early and we had such a positive interaction i know all will be well.


so who wants to take bets about how long it will be before i start complaining about having to go to work.? i am taking 3 weeks!


I wonder if it will help me lose weight?


Jen said...

I know that going back to work really made a huge difference in my sanity, and I only have one child. I'm sure you'll crave going to work, especially if it's only part time.

Good Luck

headly said...

thanks jen!

Well i can only go up on the sanity meter as i am pretty insane now lol

Imanoptimisticbeauty said...

LOL... I'm guessing you'll be excited forever! :O) I start my first night at Safeway (well orientation tonight)... tonight so I'm excited! Being paid for it as well. Hooray. If its not too personal how much is the starting wage at Superstore?

Imanoptimisticbeauty said...

Hopefully you get a raise really fast. Luckily for me I have a lot of experience and my starting wage is higher at Safeway... $9.75/hour... no benefits as its part time. Union though so that's a good thing.

headly said...

I was able to negotitae a little based on my experience. they raise really frequently. My store is not a 24hr store. If they were they pay about the same as yours for night work,. but the really good thing is that 10% discount approx worth 40 dollars a month combining that with sales coupons and tax free nights. i am quite excited to see what i can do with that.!
yay for both of us!

Imanoptimisticbeauty said...

Oooh.... I'm now a member of the Meat Cutters Union! First day went well... all I did was lessons on the computer. Monday I need to do my WHMIS training and take my food safe test. Then I'll end up with my schedule :O)

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