Wednesday, October 01, 2008

okay moms , lets talk.........playdates!

My daughter is going for a playdate today. her first one. and although i am not nervous for her. but it does give me reason to stop and look at my daughter and give her that look that says

" my little baby is growing up' my questions are do you like to host play dates? would you prefer to have your child go out for a play date? how old would your child have to be to go on a play date without you?

My daughter is going to a friends house so i know the mom so that takes a lot of the worry out of it. but i would be less inclined to send her to another classmates house of a mom i did not know on an outside of school basis. Am i being silly with that? I imagine that it will start becoming less of an issue the more parties she is invited to an the more parents i meet. Surprisingly there have been no invites home yet. i can hardly wait to send hers out they are so precious. little fairytale princess books. trust me there will be lots of photos of that in the future. i guess i just wanted to gauge your thoughts on play dates. please share your experiences


Kim said...

Not sure how old your daughter is. C is 6 and hasn't been to any playdates on his own. I've always gone along with him and Q too. I think I'd be like you and okay if it was someone I know well but wouldn't be comfortable sending him to a "stranger's" house. I should probably try to arrange some for him here.

headly said...

She had a great time and cannot wait to go back. yes this situation was different becuase it was someone i know. I was thinking of throwing a get to know you party/halloween get together but i am hoping there are a few parties comming up.

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