Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Winner Canned am

Hey canned am you won as selected by my lovely little Eva. you can choose either
a 25 dollar gift certificate to swiss chalet/montanas /harveys gift card (nothing to do with shoppers it is a regular git card) or a 20 dollar gift card for elsewhere

please pm me through frugal on how to collect your prize.

Friday, November 07, 2008

I am so tired.

sorry i have not been around for a bit. Since i started working some full shifts and training and my husbands commitments and health issues it has been crazy here.

I was working quite a few hours last week training.
Dh had to create a presentation for the Army
DD was once again sick and couldn't breathe. this last time was pretty scary and it is not over yet

I have been going to bed around 7pm trying to catch up on sleep. i normally do not go to bed until 12am .

i have all the training done now and will go live on the floor my next shift. and yes it is alot harder than it looks.

orgainized christmas update is still ongoing and will be updated today.

follower of my blog contest winner will be announced as intended this friday night.

and i have a lot of reading of alot of blogs i have to do. so i best get started.

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