Monday, October 27, 2008

Orientation at work ( Sunday)

I GOT A CALL ON Saturday to see if i could come in for a four hr orientation first thing Sunday morn at 8 . i agreed. it was slightly informative.
i got the all important hr forms to fill out. so i am officially hired.

I will get my discount card soon. yay!

hopefully if hours stay where they should . my pay will pay for all food and extras. so that we can get back to saving money and making up for the loss of funds due to the reserves.

we shall see.

Now i do not want to sound like i am glamorizing a cashier job. ( although i have done much worse over the years) I am very excited to just be out of the house. earning some pocket change and keeping my foot in the door in the market place.
When i contacted my references letting them know that the store may be calling. I was offered my old job back.! I declined because it would cost more money travelling the 1/2 hr rather than the three minute drive, also it starts at 5 so Dh and i would have crossover problems and other issues. I would like to work there again . but it simply does not make sense at this point.

But It really felt good to be offered the job .

Last night Dh parents were by for a quick visit. and that concluded the weekend.


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