Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Organized Christmas


A lot like the organized home site. there are fabulous craft ideas, recipes, and printables glorious printables!

There are also great things there for Halloween! http://organizedchristmas.com/topic-halloween

they have a 6 week Christmas organizing plan you can read about it here. http://organizedchristmas.com/christmas-countdown

there is so many wonderful things on this site. if there is anything you particularly like or find useful please post back here so we can all check it out.
edited to add pics of my binder from last christmas. there are tons of pages from it I can use again this year like my address pages or my idea sheets for ideas for presents for people i may not have used from last year.


Jen said...

Thanks!! You know I'll be checking this out

headly said...

i always take a 2 inch binder and put my printed sheets in and i use a few of those page protectors things i stuff my receipts in. everything tidy.

and one you figure out which printables you need/want christmas just comes together so stress free. funny how when we write it down it does not seem so overwhelming.

the most important thing it has done for my family is it teaches me not to overbuy. i know what i have and it has a purpose or a certain person it is going to . that way i do not end up with 2 presents for cousin joan or whatever. i also use it to organize and keep me in check what i am spending as you know it is easy to overspend at christmas.
i carry it almost everywhere christmas time. but keep it away from prying eyes.

Gill - That British Woman said...

gosh you are organized......I am envious!!!


headly said...

just playing at being organized. ;)

i am envious of your green thumb!

fawndear said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet words.
I have to admit that Organized Christmas really got me going on the whole thing. I've been visiting their site for years. I guess I just had some fun with my own pages too.

Cherie said...


I have my Christmas binder ready to go now too!

Anonymous said...

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