Saturday, October 04, 2008

New Jeans

well, i was trying to get dressed today and i could not handle my old jeans anymore. they were just too big in the legs and thighs. i was not going to buy a new pair of jeans till i hit 30lb lost. but i have hit 25 so close enough i will have to set a new shopping reward or 30 lbs. i hate to say sizes because everyone body is different and numbers shouldn't matter but that being said, i went down 6 sizes!!!!

anyway it has been years since i bought a pair of jeans. the last jeans i bought were old walmart ones. the ones that stretch so bad they are all misshaped and everything. So i got it in my head that i would stop in old navy at er picking up DH from work. i was in the store 15 minutes and walked out with a pair of jeans. wow jeans are expensive. 39.50 wow! oh well i am just happy to have a pair that fits and kinda looks good. i hope though that in 3 months time i am out buying another pair and having the same too big problem. lol

i am starting to become more comfortable with my new lifestyle eating has become easier and a lot more diverse. i still strongly believe that success relies in finding healthier ways to make our comfort foods is the best way to keep ourselves on our "diets"

but enough about that. it was my sil birthday today so this morning the kids and i brought over a tray of pastries and a card and put them on her doorstep knocked and ran away. it was our way of giving her breakfast without the inconvenience of an early morning visit from three rowdy kids and myself. I hope she had a great day. Happy birthday sil


Imanoptimisticbeauty said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I keep going through the same thing. Clothes too big, buy new and then those are too big shortly after. It feels good but is so frustrating at the same time!

headly said...

I know you are looking fantastic according to your pics as well. it is a wonderful bittersweet feeling! i am getting close to being brave enough for before and after pictures. To anyone reading this that is planning on starting a weightloss or healthy living journey. any help we can be to each other would be great

Kim said...

Congrats - must be so awesome to be ablt to buy new clothes in smaller sizes.

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