Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hey Rocky , watch me pull a gift out of my hat!

Ahh..... the topic was bound to come up eventually. Gift giving, parties, toys oh my!

Do you have a gift closet? For those from frugal this needs no explanation, but for others new to the subject I will explain.

A gift closet is a spot where you pick up items you see at considerable discount, in anticipation of using it later for an event. for example. I have a lot of toys in my gift closet that are age appropriate for friends of my daughters age group or friends of my son's age group. so I a party comes up unexpectedly or there are several at the same time and multiple presents are not in the budget. or Even if shopping for presents can represent a time crunch for you.

So in a nutshell that is a git closet ( can be a tote a box does not have to be in a closet lol) it can be one geared towards kids, Christmas, charity, ( I buy toys throughout the year that is good for the toy drive at Christmas)

now my gift closet is an area behind my furnace room door and it is messy there right now because I was searching for something yesterday. but I will brave all this and post a picture. it will be a little later on this morning, I challenge everyone who has a gift closet to post your pics.

In amongst my gift closet I also put the items I have for goody bags for parties I throw or things I use for gift baskets (another favorite thing of mine to do) will post more on that in the future.


Kim said...

I'm not as brave as you to post those pics :) Also, my gift closet has taken over various places throughout my house. I really need to get everything organized in one place. But it certainly does come in handy.

headly said...

i know eh? if wasn't lookingfor a lunchbox yesterday it would have ben a bit neater. oh well. at least it isn't pictures of my stockpile.

Momtosweeties said...

I can't post mine, because it is a few boxes that are stacked in my closet. Unfortunately my stash has gotten a bit too big! I need to purge for the toy drive this Christmas. I like this post. Frankly it is kind of nice to see others stashes. :)

headly said...

mine is to big right now too! But after christmas chances are it will be a sad little pile till boxing day sales haha! please post your pics and we will all laugh together.

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