Saturday, October 04, 2008

My two new favorite things!

Well thanks to Gill squash soup recipe. it is now one of my favorite things. the family didn't like it much but i loved it so more for me!

my second favorite things. is a new comfort food for me sugar-free style. (yes it has natural sugars)

one of my favorite things are raspberries. and they are super good for you in moderation, high in fiber.

when i started eating no-low sugar one of the things i had to learn to live without is ice cream and my goodness i love ice cream and all things refreshingly cold. so i have discovered a new way to get that ice cream comfort. frozen Europe's best raspberries right out of the freezer. with some heavy cream poured onto it and allow to sit long enough to get the frost to warm up and it to melt a little i am telling you it is so good.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I got Europe's Best rasp's on sale with coupon today at Shopper's for $2.99 a package, that's a great deal........


headly said...

thanks for the soup recipe. i am making another pot tomorrow. but i will be adding cauliflower and carrot to it. for even more nutrition.

good price for the berries. Fresh just does not last long enough to eat them all.

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