Thursday, October 16, 2008

the spice of life.

I found these drawer spice racks at the store today for 10 dollars each. so I bought two and now all my spices that used to be in jars as shown in picture. it is much easier to see what i am doing now. and it looks fabulous! just look at its beauty... just kidding.

Dh is going on expedition again this weekend so he will be gone from tomorrow morning til sunday night. we will miss him. but we will still have a good time here on our own.

anyone have any plans for this weekend?


Anonymous said...

Those are fabulous! If I had the drawer space I'd would be all over them!

headly said...

they are making my life so much easier all ready. the drawer i put them in was my junk drawer so it gives me less of a place to be junky and cluttered in so it is a win win!
i got them at the superstore.

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