Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Winner Canned am

Hey canned am you won as selected by my lovely little Eva. you can choose either
a 25 dollar gift certificate to swiss chalet/montanas /harveys gift card (nothing to do with shoppers it is a regular git card) or a 20 dollar gift card for elsewhere

please pm me through frugal on how to collect your prize.

Friday, November 07, 2008

I am so tired.

sorry i have not been around for a bit. Since i started working some full shifts and training and my husbands commitments and health issues it has been crazy here.

I was working quite a few hours last week training.
Dh had to create a presentation for the Army
DD was once again sick and couldn't breathe. this last time was pretty scary and it is not over yet

I have been going to bed around 7pm trying to catch up on sleep. i normally do not go to bed until 12am .

i have all the training done now and will go live on the floor my next shift. and yes it is alot harder than it looks.

orgainized christmas update is still ongoing and will be updated today.

follower of my blog contest winner will be announced as intended this friday night.

and i have a lot of reading of alot of blogs i have to do. so i best get started.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dentist-- love /hate relationship.

A little background on my crazy mouth.

I suffer rom receeding gums and tooth sensitivity. Of times my own breath is enough to cause pain.

So since about four years now i have put thousands of dollars into fixing up my mouth,. but by the time one thing is finished another arises. this morning i went again for a 1/2 cleaning and 2 fillings. these teeth were filled just 2 years ago. i say a 1/2 cleaning because i have to be frozen to do a cleaning. so i can only do a half of my mouth per appointment. I need fillings extended to where the gum line receeds so that the root does not become exposed. which was what had happened

Anyway i love my dentist. i feel no pain or discomfort (except in my wallet) haha I am glad that i found him. Dentistry no longer needs to hurt, not like when we were kids. now it is virtually painfree.
so go!

I told my dentist today if i go in for a visit and i do not have a cavity in the future i want my picture on the wall.! he agreed! lol

Monday, October 27, 2008

Organized Christmas Week One Oct 26- Nov 1

In an effort to organize our Christmas's here we go.

the preparation is based over 6 weeks

week one: get organized Oct 26-Nov 1
week two: Reality check Nov 2- 8
week three: gifts and giving Nov 9-15
week four: get cooking Nov16-22
week five decorate Nov23-29
week six celebrate week Nov 20- DEC6

Each week then has tasks that are recommended to be done to avoid stress at a later date.

To do this week
  1. Make the promise! During the next six weeks, spend 15 mins a day to get ready for Christmas. To make planning fun, set aside a Christmas planning centre.
  2. Begin a Christmas planner in a notebook or three ring binder. If your using a clear pocket binder, print the cover and spine pages. Add lined blank pages and planner pages from www.organizedchristmas.com
  3. Make or designate a holiday calender. Print the countdown plan calender and add it to your Christmas planner
  4. Begin at the beginning . Review your families holiday values/traditions. record your findings on the printable holiday family values worksheet
  5. Gift-buying looms! Start a master gift list. Print the master gift list form and use it to record gifts as you buy them.
  6. Begin a Christmas card list. locate addresses, and consider a computerized Christmas card address list for maximum time savings, or print Christmas card list forms for your Christmas planner.
  7. Complete the holiday home spruce up exercise and schedule home improvement projects.print the home spruce up worksheet to track progress.
  8. Will your family travel? Make travel plans and reservations this week. Will you host house guests? Make arrangements for overnight guests.
  9. Arrange for family photos for holiday gifts or Christmas cards.
  10. arrange carpet cleaning now.

To buy this week

  1. Christmas cards or supplies for Christmas letters
  2. postage stamps.
  3. supplies for your binder/planner.

So ladies this is week one lets get started!

might i also recommend that we start getting a list of what we have in our gift closets and start brainstorming the ideas for presents. also if you will be buying gift cards as presents you may want to write in your planner to spread out the buying.

A huge consideration for me every Christmas is the cost of postage . my family is spread all over this great country and i usually have to budget almost 100 dollars just for postage, and this year is no exception as the postal rates have gone through the roof again. Now most people think well why not send a gift card. I do not like gift cards for family i prefer to send parcels i picked and wrapped myself. then to send gift cards. but that is just my opinion.

But if you have to send parcels like me you may want to work that into your planner

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