Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is being Frugal now ' all the rage"

Everywhere you turn now people are talking about living more simply. that is certainly not a bad thing to me. it is just surprising.

I joined a website after i had my son 7 years ago. it is www.frugalshopper.ca the site was really new then but it has grown a lot over the last almost 6 years.

I have learned a lot about living simply there. but it is more centered on getting good deals than it is about alternate less costly ways of doing things. The friendship/comradery factor is high and the thought of missing out on a good deal keeps me going back.

has living simply become the new fashion? Living simply has always been the fashion at my house because of both necessity and desire. It really is a part of who we both are. And i like to believe i am passing that along to my kids.

will update with some books for recommended library reading


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