Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dentist says all clear for cavities or the kids.

I took the kids to their bi annual visit to the dentist today. they both got great reviews and bill of dental health.
love my dentist. he is awesome with the kids and my husband and I the hygenists are friendly and not that fake friendly you see sometimes. And the receptionist is a wonderful person who makes going to the dentist fun.

I have pretty serious issues with my teeth, i have teeth sensitivity issues breathing in to ast can make my teeth hurt violently, i used to have to use ambasol just to brush my teeth, receeding gums, and a propensity for cavities.

so i go to the dentist a lot.

Now i am not neccessarily anatic with my kids teeth but i am quite strict about it. i do not want them to suffer like i have.

good (relatively) dental health is attainable for all canadians so take advantage of it or your kids even/especially when they are little.


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