Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend wrap up

Well this was a weekend i am sure glad is over. first off i was on my own DH was gone with the Army to New Brunswick. so it was just me and the kids.

Friday my oldest day came home puking from school with a high fever. she vomiited on everything in the house i swear. poor thing she was some sick. and poor me i am sick of doing laundry. She seems to have made a full recovery though,

Whatever germs they get at school is certain to be brought home to my asthmatic youngest dd.

well she was okay friday night but come saturday morning she was gasping for breath, and not sleeping. she was just to the hospital for this two weeks ago, and they gave us some advice on what to do ( such as giving her more requent higher quantity of puffs of her rescue puffer. the puffer seemed to be working but the cough from the cold and the runny nose certainly were not helping. So gave her tylenol cough and cold and that seemed to do the trick to get a few hours sleep.

I was watching for the take me to the hospital warning signs i know all too well. but with the methods i used i was able to keep her breathing steady enough to not warrant it.

Why is it they are always sick when you are on your own.?

Anyway she seems to be better today , still raspy and there is a tug on her cheast but she is a lot better and i think we may have weathered this cold and asthma attack. The doctor told us that the family has to get the flu shot. does anyone know when they start giving those out. i will have to make an appointment for sure as soon as they start. i cannot even imagine that.

and chances are they get sick again when i am on my own. Of course lately, that could be anytime!


Gill - That British Woman said...

Oh I so remember those days with the inhalers. They did grow out of them, although dh is steadily getting worse with age......

GOod luck.


Kim said...

Sorry you are having to deal with this on your own. Mine both have inhalers too. Last xmas DH was working overnights and both the boys and I were all sick with the Norwalk virus. It was the nastiest, ugliest illness to have to deal with alone and being sick myself did not help.


headly said...

I am hopins she grows out of it to. the thought is that she will.

I sure hope noone is sick here next month when he is gone again.

I always feel so helpless when the babies are sick.

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