Tuesday, October 07, 2008

If you could only pick three channels to watch...

if you could pick only three channels to watch on your television. what channels would they be?

i am a major fanatic for cooking shows, documentary and home living

I think i would pick

1) food network
2) tlc (although i rarely watch that now)
3) and heaven help me the CBC!!

growing up in small town NFLD the only TV we had was in our living room and the only channel it got was the CBC so i watched a lotof Dallas, Tommy Hunter, Kate and Allie here , threes company here and anything else that came on CBC ( all of the previous shows i LOVE. (Tommy hunter and his old doc brown stories at the end of the show is a great family memory for me.) But taking all the good and the bad. Some of my most beloved shows ever were on the CBC Road to Avonlea, North of 60, and so many more. This is what i maintain; that with the cbc you kinda have to take the boring with the good. I guess I just wanted to throw a little props out there to the CBC .

The most important thing being, that they have been showing Coronation Street since I was a baby and I have been watching it faithfully for over 25 years all on the CBC so thanks for that CBC!


Imanoptimisticbeauty said...

3 channels? CTV, Global and TLC.

Kim said...

We don't have cable, cut it out of the budget about a year and a half ago and we really don't miss it too much. So, we get only a few channels. I'd say TVO (otherwise the kids would drive me batty, plus they play documentaries), Global and Achannel.

Cherie said...

For my family it would be

W Network

Gill - That British Woman said...

BBC Canada.....that's not a shocker now is it!!!

CBC.....as Corontation Street is on that.........again not a shocker

then its a tie between Global and CTV, as one has Survivor on it, and the other American Idol

Gosh I'm an intellectual aren't I...LOL

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