Thursday, October 09, 2008


Do you have a certain type of thing you give out every year? are you a chips person, a chocolate bar person, candy?

I usually do the bags of items. some chips a few suckers, a pencil a few candies.

now last year being the first halloween we had in this house in a family neighbourhood. I thought for sure we would have a couple hundred children so i prepared for that. oh boy we had about 70 . I still have things left over from last year!

this year i am going to do chips and a bar.

But i also like to make up little bags for the littliest ones with a playdoh and a few other things.

But this year i am just going to do chips and a bar and make special bags for my kids friends. with hot chocolate, chips bar, halloween magnet and some lollipops.

i am only going to prepare for 100 kids this time and after that all out! Jeez that is gonna cost enough as it is. I really love Halloween . my husband walks the kids around about 3/4 and i do the last bit. i stay home and hand out the treats. i love the little kids comming to the door

Although i have to say last year i had about 20 kids from about 8 pm til 930 pm that were old enough to drive a car if not vote. i just open the door and give them whatever because it is not worth my car or house getting egged over lol the last halloween i went out as a kid was when i turned 13 . What about you?


Kim said...

Those are some cute pics! I usually do up little bags with a choc bar and some other candies in it. I think this year I will stick to mainly chocolate. I know for us that and the chips are usually the only things that get eaten. I also do bags for C's classmates & Beavers groups and Q's playgroup friends, which I add stickers and colouring pages to.

Gill - That British Woman said...

great photos.

I give two pieces of candy per kid, and I have enough for 100 kids, after that tough, I close the door and switch off the lights. We too get kids that are probably in high school and most of them are not even dressed up!!


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