Friday, October 10, 2008

Free christmas gift tags *added pics*

With all the expenses we have at christmas time this is an area we can all cut back on. last christmas i made tags for this year out of the christmas cards i received last year.

here is another great alternative. You can print wonderful little tags off the internet here is a few links,
although tags are not very expensive, why buy what you do not need. It also allows you to have something unique to your family.
some coloring pages and more fun things.


Jen said...

I love this Idea. Last year I went to the dollar store and got a package of lables, printed my own right off the internet. It's great cause you can personalize them as well.

This year mom and I are making our own. Though not very cheap, (we've spent $30 on card stock between us)we're very excited about making them. They'll be keepsakes after the unwrapping is done, maybe even tree ornaments.

Kim said...

I printed some off the internet to use last year. I'll be using up whatever I have left of the store bought variety and then probably make my own with old xmas cards.

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