Sunday, October 05, 2008

EVER FEEL LIKE A MAID... except without the pay?

Well that is me today miss molly maid. i have a ton of cleaning to do. just regular old stuff but a lot of it. normally it is clean and tidy here all the time but the last couple of days I have not quite been in the mood for cleaning and then the amount of mess three kids can make is overwhelming and you don't know where to start.

right now it is actually tidy here just a lot of things need to be done that i call behind the scenes. the floors need mopping, the beds need to be changed, dusting, cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and a pile of laundry are all waiting for me.

and i still have to few groceries i just bought to cram into the fridge. there seems to never be enough room in the fridge.

Then i was thinking that after all the cleaning is done it might be a good time to invite the in laws around for dinner. they Haven't been around in about a month,. so two birds with one stone and the place is clean to boot.

Not sure if inviting them over will fly with dh, he is working til five today (dang Sunday shopping) so i will have to pull it all together myself and usually it is never very pleasant here when they do come over. I will run it by him when he checks in. I think mil will call today to see if they can visit anyway. our relationship with them could fill a whole blog in and of itself.
Anyway better get to cleaning.,,, happy Sunday!


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