Monday, September 22, 2008

What kind of Sahm are you?

Being a sahm is not all its cracked up to be y'know. lol I guess it can sometimes depends on why you are a sahm. In the first place. If it's because you want to, I imagine it is fabulous and all that you want and hoped it to be,
But if you are a sahm because it is either the economical choice or the pressured guilt choice by you peer group or parents. Maybe it is a little less desired. or a little less fulilling.

i imagine those woman have quite a different take on it on what being a sahm means to them,
. i am not ashamed to admit, that I am somewhere in between economical- want- and guilt. And that is in order of driving factor.

Economically my family cannot afford to pay for daycare for 3 kids. it just is not possible and i would rather be home with my babies than work for peanuts.

want. from the begining i have wanted to be the one to teach my kids things and be there or the booboos and i am glad i have been here or that.

guilt part of me feels that it is the thing i should do. so that the kids are happy and feel safe and secure. untill they are all off in school.

does your role of sahm have any of these factors rolled up into it? it has taken me years to come to terms with the fact that it is okay to say this is not enough i need more. I felt guilty for years wondering how come i am not fully satisfied when everyone around me was insiting that i should. Well ladies, i no longer feel guilty. i know it is only a human response. just like we don't all like pickles. So i am no longer harbouring any shame. I am out and i'm proud. and you can be too.

now all that being said. My only role right now is a sahm. I know very little action for someone with awful big words one paragraph ago! it will work out for me. I know it will but those factors i mentioned are still there and they are strong. but since i have allowed mysel to be honest. everything has changed. and oddly enough i'm happier even though nothing has changed.

not every mom is comfortable talking about the challenges of being a sahm mom because we are 'supposed " to be loving it. but it is not the case for everyone. Now i am not saying being at home with the kids are a nightmare. i am just saying something extra is needed to feel fulfilled.


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