Friday, September 19, 2008

Funky Friday

Well another school week is over. my son is in grade 2 and my daughter just started primary. this is the first day of school. and the walk to school.
I just wanted to post up a couple pics of my kids.
I posted up some pics on yesterdays post of the veggie bouquet i made for Dh work. It came out fantastic. I am very happy with it.
Today nothing big going on Dh was home all morning so i skipped to the grocery store got a great deal on sliced black forest ham, Too high sugar content for me but dh and the kids like it a lot. it was .87 per 100 g better than half price. dh has since gone to work now and the baby is sleeping. I have about an hour to myself and here i am. got to go get the kids in a bit. it is a nice although chilly day here.
The kids start their saturday extra curricular activities. my middle has dance and my boy is in both drawing and soccer. they are looking forward to it. i am not looking forward to running them around but it is a small thing for them to be happy. my littliest is to small for any programs but i am hoping to get her in a playschool next fall. she will be three then and potty trained. which i have to start. i am so sick and tired of changing diapers. they say you change 10,000 diapers on average per child. It certainly seems like i have changed 30,000 diapers and the most of them smelly i bet!


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