Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What is my 'profession'

While setting up this blog one of the profile questions is occupation. Usually if given the opportunity i select homemaker. (as archaic as that sounds to me.) But here there was no one classification that i fit into. instead it seemed I fit into all of them.

As a stay at home mom I am a kind of a Jill of all trades, you know the rest of the saying and 'master of none".

these were my options. I believe that i am all of them. Let me explain;

chemicals----- cleaning and the removal of chemicals or safety purposes starts at 9 months and never ends.

communications or media -- teaching your children to communicate starts before they are born. and trying to communicate your p.o.v never ends. Having to try new and innovative ways to get the message across.

construction it starts with building blocks and never ends. the building supplies may change but the need to be a construction expert is always called upon.

consulting -- Children always need your take on things. which is great. one of my favorite parts of the job.

education -- we start educating our kids right away and it is ongoing. one week it is letters the next week could be dinosaurs.

engineering -- important or construction ;)

environment-- teaching our children to be good to the environment is a necessary thing. also helping them to clean their 'environment" (room) is a conversation you will have many many times .

fashion-- Although we will never be in style our selves it seems to be our duty to make sure they are.

government-- I am the govt in this house. haha

human resources-- this is the one i selected. i have changed it mentally to precious resource manager!

Internet -- teaching them to use it and then keeping them of it all the time and keeping them safe,.


banking-- i there is any let after fashion!

law --- respecting the Law and rules of any situation they are in. using good judgement.

law enforcement or security-- self explanatory

manufacturing-- everything from Halloween costumes to three meals on day. and everything in between.

maritime -- that's where i am haha

marketing-- I market vegetables to the kids all the time. i also market to them that homework can be as fun as playing games. I do both adequately. I need to work on my marketing.

military self explanatory

museums or libraries visits, visits, visits,

non-profit the entire job is non profit monetarily, oh but the joy i get is more than enough profit

publicising reports and drawings

real estate-- buying a house than a bigger house and making improvements to the house are never ending.

religion-- some of the hardest questions to field.

sciences-- all kinds of sciences are covered in this employment opportunity. Biology, chemistry, geology, health sciences, and more.

sport or recreation-- constant

student-- your children are your students but you also are their student. both have much to learn.

technology-- we have to buy it and then figure out to use it , thus finding out how cool it is and knowing inside we will never get a chance to use it before it eventually gets lost or broken

telecommunications -- learn to answer the phone and say, ___ it's for you! ALOT

tourism --- we need to know where all the hot spots are to go to on family vacations. Those same vacations everyone will be bored at and it will be your fault.

So This is what i do. I am sure there are more subcategories not covered.

above all I am a multi tasker

transportation. --Well this one is to obvious or clarification.


Jen said...

Totally True!!!

As a parent I think we do cover just about every profession out there. Great job recognizing it.

I'm adding you to my blog roll


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