Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dh is back

Well dh's weekend was good and he came back in one piece so i am a happy wife. and the kids ae back to school tomorrow so it will be somewhat quiet here, there is still gonna be one baby here after all;) but at least there will be very little fighting and scratching unless dh and i get into it! i have to say that the hardest part of having kids is the constant fighting.

It is very windy and rainy here right now. we are experiencing hurricane conditions. it is blowing like crazy out there right now. A few years ago we were hit with hurricane juan it was devastating. i am hoping we can really avoid that this time. so if anyone out there from the east coast is reading this sit tight and stay safe.

gotta get some lunches ready just in case there is school tomorrow.


Jen said...

I'm in the valley and its blowing really hard now. Rain in spurts. It should be right over us throughout the middle of the night.

The Bathtub is half full of water just in case the power goes out. We've had a few flickers. I guess it's time to turn the PC off.

Be safe


headly said...

no power problems thus far. and the wind is no where near juans strength here yet. but i don't have a good feeling i thin it is gonna cause some damage.
crossing my fingers that you do not lose power, and that i do not lose it either.

Kim said...

Hoping you keep safe.

todd said...

all clear our way. no power flicks or anything and no trees down, i hope yarmouth area is still in one piece.

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