Thursday, September 25, 2008

Foods we think are good,

I received a leaflet sometime ago about foods that we think are good but they are really not. it came from the nutrition action newsletter. it attacks ten foods for it's unhealthiness.

1) sun maid yogurt raisins -- sugar and saturated fat
2) tim hortons hot breakfast sandwiches high calorie saturated fat a days worth,
3)presidents choice sheppards pie-- high calorie high fat
4)weight watchers whitman chocolate candies malitol sweetener high calorie.
5) macdonalds milkshakes 1130 calories!!!! 28 g of fat. that is the calories of three quarter pounders and the fat of two .
6) starbucks venti white chocolate mocha with whole milk and whipped cream.high calorie high fat.
7)campbells regular condensed soups loaded with salt. one can contains a person dietary intake of salt
8)sunny d-each cup only contains a tbsp of real juice. the rest is pure sugar.
9) wendy's southwest taco salad. 700 calories 19 grams bad fat 1600 mg ofg sodium
10) Stouffers macaroni and cheese.- days worth of sodium half a days worth of saturated fat high calorie

not that i would have ever really considered any of these 'good foods" but do we really know how bad some foods are that we are putting into our systems.

it has been quite a few years since i have had a macdonalds milkshake. and i have never bought my kids one. but if in the situation I could possibly have. and i never would have thought it was That bad.

are there any other food you can think of that you thought were good or not so bad but have discovered it was horrible for you?


headly said...

i remember thinking corn was good for you. kernal and otherwise. now while it is not bad for you per se there are hundreds of vegetables it would be better to eat. would they taste as good as fresh boiled corn on the cob smothered in butter? probably not,

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