Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Superfood (s) of the Day!

Today i am making a veggie and fruit bouquet.
it will have apples, grapes, grape tomato's, cucumbers, green pepper and spinach.
Have you ever seen one of these vegetable creations? do a google search. they turn out so pretty. i have a half of a cabbage as the base and about twenty different skewers they will be half veggie and half fruit. 2 each! Just a little fun way to make supper and desert fun. I also wanted to practice it as i will be making one for a potluck at dh work this Friday. Tonight is a get together at my children's school. they are boiling corn and serving hot dogs, not exactly nutritious, so the reason for all the fruit and veggies when we get home.

I personally am on a low/ no sugar healthier way of eating. Otherwise known as a low carb, but i find when i say low carb people get the wrong fly by night impression so I say no sugar diet. so i eat a lot of salad and rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. Post more on that later.


headly said...

The kids loved this. With yogurt for dipping the fruit and dip for the veggies. They were right up on the table eating it up! will do this again and again!

headly said...

* hidden fpc* toclaim your fpc please leave a comment on this page. in the comments section first comment gets the fpc. it is a goody.

Anastasia said...

looks very nice. i should try to do the same

headly said...

you have found my hidden fpc. i will mail it to you as soon as i receive your address. if you are also a frugal member you can pm me through there. Headabovewater.

or you can send an email to me at


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