Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New poll. Is being a SAHM enough?

I have added a new poll because i am curious what other women think about being a sahm. personally there are a lot of things i like about it and then there are the days where i feel trapped and unsatisfied.
I like being the single biggest influence in their lives. I like having to not deal with schedule conflicts all the time. Being here if they need me. and not missing a darn thing special and normal that they do.

then there is the woman in me that just wants to do something outside the house that is recognized by peers. contributes to a future career, as kids are only little while and then you have to get back out there.

When i was working before my babies I was the go to girl for information. i was comfortable and confident in my position and I felt integral. Not that i do not feel any of those things now. It is very different.

For the last 6 years i have been home , tending to the house and to the babies. i feel as if my twenties just slid by unmarked. my thirties are upon me now and again i feel as if these years are slipping away, I joke with family that my thirties are gonna suck but my forties will rock., I really believe that this is gonna be a very long decade. But hopefully , we will all come out the other end.

I have almost always wanted to go back to work part time. just to get out of the house, it has never come to pass though. there is the scheduling issues as well as schooling as well as cost of daycare. I guess you can find a lot of roadblocks if you look long enough. these are some very real issues though.
now that I have two kids in school it seems like it may be more of a possibility in the future. Although now our schedules are tighter than ever. But i did put an application in today to the superstore. I am really hoping to hear back so i can get out for a few hours make a little money to add to the pot. and just become more complete. so cross your fingers for me.


Jen said...

I work. I would love to be a SAHM, but it's not in the budget. Great Idea with the poll.


headly said...

My friend used to be a SAHM to two kids. and recently last year went back to work. She said she will never go back to being a full time sahm. I think it is one of those issues where depending on which side of the fence you are on. the grass looks greener on the other side. I would like to work part time. It is not in the budget for us either. But when the choice is paying for daycare/babysitting for three kids, that is not in the budget lol

headly said...

I love your blogs by the way!

thanks for your comments.

headly said...

hiddenfpc 26th

Stacey said...

i will take it.

headly said...

it is yours stacey

if you are here from frugal please pm me your address and i will send it out asap.

momof3 said...

Darn I'm too late! I'm loving your blog though. Off to read more!!

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