Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Giveaways, fpc, and more prizes YAY

I will be giving away more coupons and codes on my blog. The first Fpc being given away today to Anastasia who found the hidden fpc. and two pampers codes were given away successfully yesterday. I hope that finding them is as fun as hiding them, tomorrow i am going to start a contest for those that comment on my new poll. Should be up around lunch time. all you have to do to enter is say vote under the blog entry discussing the new poll. You can vote once per day. that many entries will be put into a hat and one of my lovely children will select a winner. The winner will receive a book of stamps. or a five dollar tims card their choice. stamps could come in handy for the christmas card exchange that I will be starting up on frugal again this christmas season.;)

Thank you to everyone who voted on the last poll.

1 vote for sahm is not for me.
2 votes for i need both to be happy
2 votes i want both
9 votes for being a sahm is enough for me.

14 votes total that is fantastic turnout!

the next poll should be fun.


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