Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy 50th birthday to my Bil David/ inservice

Happy birthday dear Bil. hope you find a surprise in your mailbox.;0

today is an inservice day. Do you have those professional development days? so we are having a three day weekend. perfect timing with DH gone away and all lol.

so my babies are all enjoying a lazy day with no planned activities. One is in front of the computer playing games and another is watching tv and the other is reading a book. Tomorrow however is another fun filled day of running them around. and then to an event that is local. should be fun!

I got to meet both of my kids teachers recently. They both seem like very patient women. with high hopes for the school year and for my kids. and the children seem to like them. Do you like your children's teachers? do your children like them? i guess the latter being the most important. The school they go to seems very much like a positive learning environment and that they really are interested in going above and beyond. So i am happy. my son's class has been given permission from their teacher to bring in cushions to sit on. for use on their chairs as the chairs are quite uncomfortable. ( the same type we probably all had the molded back with the hole in it.) so i have to remember to send one in on Monday. other than that all is going good so far.

i am glad all the fpcs are being passed out and that people are having fun with it. I like that people are reading this blog as writing it is a great stress reliever and a great way to collect my thoughts for the day ahead or the day passed. a lot of you i have been familiar with for a long time on frugal and it is Nice to "see' you outside of there as well. there will be another fpc up for grabs today as well as a shick pin. keep your eyes open lol

don't forget to vote daily in the poll contest find ans to this in the poll blog entry from yesterday. you can vote everyday in the contest. but only once in the poll.


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