Tuesday, September 23, 2008

gift wrapping station craft and challenge

With our new house we have to rebuild /organize the laundry room. in the laundry room plans dh is building me a gift wrapping station. it is super cool. but sadly it will not be ready for this christmas season.

Now i like many of you have an organizer bin i put all my wrap into ( that i usually buy after christmas) it is a big plastic thing i bought for it. but when i get ready to start wrapping. i usually sit on the floor with a few rolls some tape and scissors. during the wrapping i look for my scissors twelve times. get up 6 times for ribbons and bows. and tags.

so this christmas and for other holidays. i am making a gift wrapping take along organizer. I saw this on hgtv

one that i can load up with my things. and take with me to eliminate the time wastage and help ensure perfect parcels.

if you want to make one as well. you will need some common around the house items.

sturdy corrugated cardboard carton

two or three cardboard cores from bathroom tissue

two or three small boxes (cut-down tissue boxes, etc.)



dowel (1/4 iuch or 1/2 inch in diameter)

Note: The size of the carton and the individual small boxes is arbitrary. The carton need only be high enough that when you stand rolls of gift wrapping paper up in it, they will not tip out. This carton was about 14 inches high, 14inches deep front to back and 12 inches across. If you want to house more supplies, use a bigger carton.The directions are for cutting and assembly. You will no doubt want to paint and decorate the carton in some way and cover the inside cardboard containers, as well, with paint, fabric, or Con-Tact paper.
i will be getting my supplies together this week. if you want to join in the crafting fun. get your supplies together and we will make it together. post a pic of your finished product and journey on your blog sending me a link and picture and be entered in a draw for a mystery gift. and look forward to a less stressful wrapping season.




Kim said...

Looks interestind - I'll have to try and make one. Can you give us more detailed instructions - or a link where we can find them? Thanks!

headly said...


sorry kim here is the link to the craft. i am going to make one because i know it will make wrapping easier. and besides making crafts can be fun sometimes.

Jen said...

I hope I can find time to make this. I think it would cut wrapping time in half.

I look for my scissors every time I need them, I never know where they are.

Thanks for the Idea.

Kim said...

Thanks for the link! I'll check it out this weekend when DH is home to keep the kids busy :)

momof3 said...

Wow .. I love this idea! I hear you on trying to find the tapes and scissors !! Going to try it!

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