Tuesday, September 30, 2008

researching buying a new oil furnace.

That is what i am doing this afternoon. oh boy they are expensive. But the furnace in this house is so old it is costing a fortune. our furnace is really old and is running at about 70% efficiency. not good. last winter it was costing us approx 700 dollars a month. !!!

we have made the decision to put in a new one because it should cost about 100.00 a month to finance it and that is also about the amount of dollars in oil we will save. so i would rather have a new furnace that runs efficiently than be blowing all the heat out the chimney.

so I am on the phone with the third company now that installs and services oil fired furnaces in my area.

what kind of home heat do you have and how expensive is it.? inquiring minds want to know.


sandy223 said...
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headly said...

i was on the phone with several local companies today and never really learned a whole lot. one company recommended this unit.

it is still pricey. I do know it is a competitive business and they will try and upsell.

coincidentally our roof needs to be replaced real soon as well. although we are hoping to get through another year without a complication. I am waiting to hear back from Sears. it certainly will not be a decision we will rush into. i wonder i there is a consumer reports issue on furnaces?

headly said...

fpc oct 1

Kim said...

I see the fpc :)

headly said...

hey, you found one!

i have your addy will mail out tomorrow

Kim said...

yippee!!! Thanks

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