Sunday, September 28, 2008


Since several people have asked me what the fpcs are. I wanted to clarify.;) I have fpc's for cheese, dove chocolates, healthy request soup, coffee mate and maple leaf foods.
I sealed all the envies up with a fpc in it. When one is won i take a envelope. i no longer know what is in it. but it will be one of the above. address it and mail it out. So what you will receive is one of the above. If you are unable to use the fpc there is a trading area on frugal or a karma section I will not be insulted if you choose to trade it or give it away it is your to do as you wish. and the issuance is random .

When i am hiding things like pampers points, pin lunchmate buck. the codes will be listed please post if you use it so others do ot waste their time trying to use it.

Don't forget to vote in the daily poll contest. check under momming daddyig poll post for information.


Kim said...

May the Good Karma Fairy smile & shine upon you! Seriously it's so nice that you're doing these giveaways :)

headly said...

thanks. I really have no use for them. They are not prodcts i normally use. although i do tend to use al fpc's i get. I have been Sarting to save them instead.
I find trading difficult at the best of times.

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