Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lunch with a friend.//Shopping

i mentioned somewhere back that i ran into a Friend i knew in university since the star of the new school year. Also the same one that asked me if i wanted to go downtown this upcoming weekend . well anyway we got together for lunch today all five kids in a room. i was really very nice. i hope to have many more lunch dates like that in the future. We have a lot in common. besides kids.
Dh is out i the woods with the army still . He will be back tomorrow night. he called and is having a good time.

Went to Walmart today for some of the anniversary sales and left with only coffee. i wasn't in the mood to shop today. toting three kids with you takes the fun out of it.

although i am going to need to go out soon and get some new jeans. I have almost reached my goal for new pants. I can hardly believe it. However i will not go int detail here but i have lost a silver anniversary's amount of weight. yay me. still a "weighs" to go yet. though another 15 on to that number ad i will be a happy girl. it is slow going but it is happening i am also going to need a new bra. is there a way to make them smaller? i am only familiar with extenders lol j/k never used one of them.


Kim said...

Congrats to you on the weight loss! I really need to get my butt in gear and make some more changes.

headly said...

than you i have changed my eating habits severly. mostly cutting out sugar. i have a little way to go yet but i am confident i can get there and if i can do it anyone can. so don't "waist" another day. start today. and least that is what i keep telling myself haha

headly said...

sqjl 843540 fpht lunchmate buicks sept 28

momof3 said...

says it isn't recognized .. I guess that means it is gone

headly said...

i double checked the code and i have it wrote down correctly. sQJL 843540 FPHT

i would hope if someone used it they could could post saying so. anyway you found the fpc. pm me your addy on frugal mystery envelope goes out tomorrow.
thanks for playing,

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