Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sundae sunday

I feel like having a sundae! so i ate a few strawberries with some home whipped whip cream on it. Killed the craving. We had a relaxing day today. went for a drive in the morning and then my friend came over for the afternoon and we had coffee and a bitch session ;) she just purchased her first home and while she will be moving 2 hours away it will be good for her and i am excited about it for her.

i will have to drive farther for our chats but it will be worth it i am sure.

It is only a few weeks into the school year and i am already sick of making lunches. It has to be a cold lunch no microwaves or thermos' . I try to make them healthy with a little treat. and the kids are usually pretty good at giving me ideas. but it is still a little stressful. but they are made ir another day. So i will not dwell.

Tomorrow will be a slower paced day, monday is a big cleaning day . DH is working at night so he will be here in the am and he can help.

I am looking or tap shoes size little girl 8 anyone know where to buy them.?


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