Friday, September 26, 2008

How to make an easy Pinata !

i recently posted showing a pinata we used for my son's party. it was a checkered flag.

it was so easy to make involved no papier mache. and took just a little while .

tools/materials needed.

a cereal box i used rice krispies the 700g one.
some rope/twine
some heavy duty tape- duct tape or other
pinata filler
some not so strong tape masking little bit of packaging tape.
some paper for filling the inside.
some stickers/paper/markers printed sheets for decorating the outside.
how i made mine.

I took the rice kripie box and strenthened the bottom of the box with a couple passes of duct tape. i punched two holes in it through the tape to push the string through for hanging the pinata.
then turn box over and fill alternating favors with balled up paper so that when it opens it does not all fall out at once.
when filled close the box. using whatever tape you decide .
decorate the exterior. to make our checkered flag one we taped on black Bristol board and pasted individual white squares to it.
it was so easy we made two one for the girls and one for the boys.! it ended up being really strong on the sides making the only way to get it open through the bottom so please keep that in mind when taping it up.
it is the personal touches that make it memorable.


headly said...

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Momtosweeties said...

Great idea. You have inspired me to give it a try for my daughters next Birthday.
I agree the details are what is memorable. Your kids will look back on the pictures and see all you did :)

Kim said...

Much better success that the paper mache one I made for DS#1's 2nd party. It didn't dry all the way in time and we had to cut it open. Plus it did not look at like it was supposed to, LOL! Good Job!

headly said...

we made a paper mache one last year while dh made it look good in the end.i will add a picture of spidey from last years spiderman party.
i won't go back to the old way.

headly said...

made the pictres bigger too!

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