Thursday, September 25, 2008

Budgeting. Do you have the right tools?

when i started 8 years ago to get my finances in order to start a family and to figure out how my family was going to make it as one income and myself being a stay at home mom. I didn't know where to start! i was lost. i did some web searching and i found a website that i really loved and that i got a lot of value out of.

It has a lively writer named grandpa terry, terry rigg. he writes articles that are filled to the brim with experience and trial and error wisdom. I personally have learned alot from his emails over the years. and the tips from the readers included inside them are iinvaluable.

Garandpa terry, has created some forms that makes budgeting, credit card payment, and bill payment organizing a breeze. i bought the program 4 years ago and still use them. i am no whiz with computers. so when it is the choice of these inexpensive forms or trying to figure out how to make a form in excel . my money is best used with the premade forms.
If you want a Budget that only takes a couple of hours to setupand a few minutes on payday to maintain, you have to have The "New" Complete Budget and Bill Organizer. If you've ever tried other budgets that have 15, 20 or even 50 different categories that you are required to keep up with everyday, you know it's next to impossible. You don't have time for that. Get the simple budget system that's easy and it works!


grandpa terry's website is take a look around there are lots of free things to download great articles to read and sign up for the email. i have been getting the email now for 7 years!


Kim said...

Interesting site, but a bit cluttered for me - makes it overwhelming. Maybe I'll take another in the future when I have lots of time to spend.

headly said...

i agree it has gotten busy over the years.

the articles are a good read. here is a more direct link to it.

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